My wife and I visit St. Augustine every year and it is our favorite place to get away, have fun and relax. I finally decided to build a website to highlight some of our St. Augustine adventures. We always meet friendly people here that are vacationing from all over the United States and Europe. There are so many historic attractions, fabulous shopping, wonderful restaurants and beautiful beaches.

The following quote was framed on a shelf in a condo we stayed in at Ocean Village Club on a summer visit to St. Augustine. This pretty much says it all when it comes to spending vacation time at the beach—and enjoying surf, sun and fun in America’s oldest city.

like migrating salmon,
all humans should
force their way to the
and walk humbly into
the water.
They should let the
splash them, and the
suck from under their feet.
They should do this ~
young or old, rich or poor,
hale or frail, for it will more
greatly improve the mind than
any treatment devised by any branch
of medicine.